Free money again! Don't say #bojio.


I just signed up for an account with MariBank, a digital bank by Singapore Tech Giant Sea Group!

This bank started in 2022 but I had just found out about it recently. Been too swamp with work and missed out on some of these deals. Well, its never too late to share a good deal, especially for those who shop online.

For a starter, MariBank will be giving you a $10 Shoppee vouchers (of course its Shoppee vouchers 😀) with no minimum spend when you sign up for an account with MariBank and use that to pay on Shoppee.

So you don't have to deposit much money to the bank if you don't want to. You just need to put in enough to pay for your shopping cart on shoppee and you can get the $10!

For those who have spare cash to deposit more money to MariBank, they are currently giving 2.88% interest per annum for up to $100k and the interest are credited to your account daily. Its kind of nice to see money coming in daily even though its just a small amount. This also means that you money is being compounded daily.

I did a check and MariBank is insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Coporation (SDIC) for up to $100k in aggregate. This should give some of you the peace of mind to deposit some of your money with MariBank.

On top of these, Shoppee will also have weekly vouchers where they will give you 20% coin cash back capped at 500 coins or 1000 coins. This translate to a $5 or $10 cashback. Of course you will need to pay via Maribank as well to enjoy these cashback vouchers.

For me, what motivates me to set up the account in the first place are the vouchers and cash back that i am getting on Shoppee. I do quite a bit of online shopping so these vouchers really helped me save quite a bit. I have used 2 of these cash back vouchers to save $20 for my Shoppee purchase in the last 2 weeks already.

For those of you who are interested, do go sign up for it. Its pretty straight forward to signup and it took me less than 10 minutes. I have no referral link for this and you don't need it either for the perks. 6.6 is coming! Go sign up and save on your 6.6 purchase!

Thanks for reading and do support me on my referral page. Stay Safe and Happy Saving!

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