Burnt out!

2024 have been especially challenging for me and I am feeling the signs of burnt out!

Last year, I was being assigned to lead a project that manages a team of people in India and reports to the project team and client in the United States. This means that my working hours centers around India and US time zone.

In order to have meaningful overlapping work hours with both regions. I find myself working from about 1pm to past 12 midnight Singapore time.

Around the same time, my 3rd son was born. Needless to say, this made the situation a lot more challenging. On nights where I have meetings and calls, I was unable to help take care of the baby and this definitely made my wife really upset.

All these have been keeping me really busy and that's the reason why I haven't really been blogging for the past few months.

Besides being busy, the late nights, stresses on meeting datelines and taking care of the baby is also taking a toll me and It is the first time since I started working that I'm feeling the signs of burnt out.

Now I am seriously considering quitting my job and focusing on myside hustle. I was thinking if I'm working so hard, why do it for someone else?

However at this stage of my life, this is not an easy decision to make. I am currently still paying off my mortgages and my expenses had also increased with the new baby made worse by inflation. I am also afraid that the side hustle doesn't work out and that will definitely put a huge dent on my financials.

So this have been a really tough time in my life and hopefully I can decide what to do with my life soon and not regret that decision. I would also appreciate if you have also been through this and if you have regretted the decision you had made.

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