Count our blessings

While we are here in Singapore complaining about going back to Phase 2 of Covid 19 restriction, let's remind ourselves to count our blessings that the only thing we have to deal with is not being able to go out with more than 5 friends or loved ones in one day. Unlike countries like India where they have to deal with not seeing friends and loved ones forever…. It is very sad to see and hear on news that India has yet again hit record number of Covid 19 cases and death.

Let's do our little bit to help India with the crisis they are facing. Also let's all step up and be more vigilant in our effort to stop the spread of the third waves of the Covid 19 virus here at home.

Singapore red cross is seeking donation on to provide aid to India Covid 19 response. You can find our more here

For those that less able to help on the monetary side, you can also help via opening a browser tab with Tab for a cause who is also raising funds for care India.

Thanks and Happy Giving!

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