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Monday, October 8, 2018

Entrepreneurship VS Investing

I have been trying to start something of my own for a while now and I am beginning to see that the journey in Entrepreneurship and Investing is not that different.

I came across quite a nice video on how to take your idea to a startup below.

Essentially, what it takes to grow your idea to a startup company is to come up with a business model, test it out, tweak/modify/change and repeat until you get traction and grow it into a company.

This is not too different from investing where we come up with an investing idea/strategy. Be it value investing, factor investing, technical investing or the Permanent portfolio strategy. After we come up with an investing idea/strategy, we test it out in the market. We tweak, modify and change depending on how it works for us until we see satisfactory returns.

From this perspective, I see that the Monk (financial blogger) is not too different from the Warrior (Entrepreneur). I would say both would require extreme self-discipline, self-awareness and mental tenacity to eventually get results and succeed. Perhaps Jes from SimplyJesMe and Co-founder of Snackfirst can attest to that.

Happy Value Investing

1 comment:

  1. Hi Warrior,

    Yes definitely. The key to finding out what works is to keep modifying your strategy until it does, just like business. SnackFirst used to charge shipping fees and we decided to remove it to see the results and sales immediately shoot up. The effects are pretty instant and satisfying to find what works and not.

    However one difference I can see, is that your business strategy is not so dependent on external forces. For example, your idea may be working but if it's a bearish market, you might not see the positive results. Similarly, your idea may not be good but if it's a bullish trend, you will be misled into thinking it's a good strategy. So investing is not as straightforward!

    All the best to your entrepreneur path and persistence/grit is definitely needed in every aspects, not just investing and business but also in life! :)