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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Have you filed your taxes?

Being in the Stocks and Crypto market. I am so glad that capital gain are not taxable in Singapore. Although there is not much gain to speak of seeing the correction and crash happening in the stock and Crypto market recently. Yes I am affected by the current crash....... :(

Well on a happier note, I will be getting a $14000 tax relief for this year filling. This is because of the voluntary CPF top up that I did last year. I did a $7000 top up for my Mom Retirement Account and $7000 for my Special Account.

To me it seems like a no brainer to do the CPF top up. I am not suggesting that everyone go do the CPF top after after seeing this post. I believe everyone financial circumstances are different and should always weigh your options before making any financial choices.

For me I do the top up for the following reasons.

Topping up for myself
1) 4% interest in Special Account
2) Tax rebate
3) To reach the Basic retirement sum fast as I am planning for a 2nd property purchase. You need to have the Basic retirement sum in your CPF before you can use the Ordinary Account for the 2nd property.

Topping up for my Mom
1) 6% interest in Retirement Account.
2) Tax rebate
2) My Mom is 60+ and is planning to receive CPF life payout in a year or 2. The top up is like a 4% fix deposit for my Mom. Best Deal!

In fact, I topped up another $7000 for my Mom this year. Are you also topping? If so whats your reason?

Happy Value Investing

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Happy Value New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Huat Ahhhh!! May the year of the dog bring prosperity to the Stock and Crypto market! 

I have been super busy with the Chinese New Year preparation and Crypto investment that I am not blogging as much as I would like to. Hopefully I can blog more frequently this year.

Anyways, it's February again!! It has been 2 years since I embarked on the value portfolio and its time to re-balance my portfolio again. So far, the value portfolio has been doing decent and it has consistently outperformed STI index for the last year.

So, this year it’s the same routine exercise of screening SGX for stocks that meets my value criteria, buying those that are on it and selling those that are not. Below is a list of stocks that meets the criteria from my screen.

Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice and note that I do own some of the stocks in the list. You can see my portfolio to see what stocks I hold. Please do your own due diligence before doing any investment. 

Happy Value Investing

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Double Whammy!

Both the Stocks and crypto market plunges the last week.
The stocks market dropped by about 4% while the crypto market dropped about 50%.
Both are massive drop in their own sense. There were massive blood on the streets... and some of them were unfortunately mine.

So what did i do? I sit tight and buy more of what i think is a bargain. Buy the dip... :)
This is why you need a watchlist.

Stay Safe and Happy Value Investing

Friday, January 12, 2018

Crypto Investment update

I have started crypto investing a few months ago. You can see the post here on why I started. This year, I have decided to increase my position in the crypto space and had injected more funds at the beginning of the year. Till date my overall returns in about 3 months is about 40%. Pretty good for 3 months I would say. It was way better before but because of the new funds that I have injected, the return was significantly reduced. Let’s hope it gets better in 2018.

It seems like I was too slow in this decision and the bulk of my fresh funds are joining the crowd jumping on the bandwagon now sending the prices of many coins to crazy valuation (cough… ripple… cough…). The bulk of the people coming in have also caused exchanges like Coinhako and Binance to temporarily stop new registration. Fortunately I have my account registered and approved way earlier.

Because of the influx of people into the crypto world, it is getting increasing difficult to find multi-bagger coins in the market. Hence I am focusing on ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) to look for coins with potential, buy them at ICO prices and hopefully get higher returns. Of course along with it comes huge risk. The companies doing ICOs are tech startup trying to raise funds and most of them will fail!! What we can do is to do due diligence to reduce that risk.

2 coins where I will be putting my money on in January 2018 are Beetoken and Experty.

Bee token is essentially decentralized Airbnb with 0% commission. 0% sounds nice already but what I really liked about Bee token is the Bee protocol. It is a sharing economy protocol that they are building where other sharing economy can build on top of. I believe in sharing economy and it would be huge if the Bee protocol gets adopted by the industry.

Experty is a protocol that decentralized the “expert network” business and cut off the middleman. See below video for a quick ICO review.

Note that I am sharing this based on my personal opinion and does not constitute any investment advice. DYODD if you are keen and please do read their whitepaper before putting any money on the ICOs. Again only invest what you can lose and happy Cryptoing!

Monday, December 25, 2017

2017 value portfolio review

It has been a crazy year. The stock market is doing well and the crypto market is also doing very very very very well.  Below shows the chart (Courtesy of of my value portfolio (blue) vs STI index (orange). You can go to my portfolio to see the value stocks (those that are <3%) that I am holding. I would say the value portfolio is doing quite well at the moment and I am pretty happy with the returns.

However, this pales in comparison with the returns I got from the Crypto market. That's for another post. Till then, Happy 2018 and Happy Value Investing.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The emotions of investing

Buy when other are fearful and sell when others are greedy. A pretty simple philosophy to follow to buy low and sell high and earn huge profits. However it's tough as hell to execute due to human emotion. 

I learnt more about myself in the past months than in the last 2 years with regards to investing. Why? Thanks to Cryptocurrency. The Crypto world is like the condensed and accelerated version of the stock market. You get your bull and bear run in a matter of months instead of years and you get to go through huge fluctuation in prices in a matters of days.

Do you have the resolves to hold to an investment that you think is fundamentally good when it’s price drop by 50%? Will you buy more of it when it’s price plunges? Do you sell after a bull run? With the huge volatility in the crypto market, you will be tested many times round. I would say the Crypto market is a good training ground for people who are new to investing and want to understand more about their own emotions in investing. 

I have learnt a lot about myself from investing in the crypto market. What about you?

Happy Value Investing

Monday, November 27, 2017

Crypto Investment Update

This post is an update on my crypto investment. I only have QASH and ETH tokens in my crypto portfolio so far. See my previous post for how QASH ICO triggered my first step into the crypto world.

It's has been about a week after QASH is listed on Quoinex (Fiat to crypto exchange) and Qryptos (Crypto to crypto exchange), both platforms operated by Quoine, and it was crazzzzy…. I'm not sure if this is beginner's luck, but the price of QASH had doubled in a week!!!!

This has never happened to me before during my 2 years of stocks investment journey. The closest was about a year's wait for Colex to generate 100% returns (including dividends). Well 1 week and 1 year…. pretty close I'd say…Hahaha.

Having experience an ICO first hand and looking at the crypto currency market now, I can't help but feel that there is a crypto bubble forming and I would likened this to the bubble during 1997 to 2002. There were many internet companies popping up everywhere and there were no lack of people willing to put money into them. This is the same as what we are seeing now with the ICO scene in the crypto currency market. Lots of ICO poping up with many people wanting to bet on them.

Like the bubble where many internet companies like who's share price fell from its IPO price of $11 per share to $0.19 in less than a year and went bust, many crypto tokens will become useless and worthless when the crypto bubble pops. Many crypto companies will not be around after that. However, like "Internet/World Wide Web" the technology behind the companies, "Blockchain" the technology behind the crypto companies is revolutionary and is here to stay.

And yes, while many companies will not be around after the bubble pops, there will be some that will survive to continue making use of the revolutionary technology and thrive. Amazon and eBay are internet companies from the period that survived through the bubble and is still around doing great today. Similarly, there will be crypto companies having strong execution team and vision that can survive and thrive alongside the "Blockchain" technology.

So, the million-dollar question is which of the 1200+++ coins will turn out to be successful companies like Amazon or eBay? Well my bet is on QASH and Ethereum for now. Hopefully they will be successful companies like Amazon and eBay in the crypto world. I guess only time will tell.

For those who wants to know what QASH is, I have made a simple video (Introduction to QASH) to give a brief introduction to QASH. If you feel like joining the fun, I made a simple tutorial (Buying your first QASH) to get you started. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Note that the above article is based on my own opinion and does not constitute any recommendation to purchase any sorts of investment. In fact, I feel that the price of QASH seems too high now and a good way to get some QASH is from their Bounty program.