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Friday, January 12, 2018

Crypto Investment update

I have started crypto investing a few months ago. You can see the post here on why I started. This year, I have decided to increase my position in the crypto space and had injected more funds at the beginning of the year. Till date my overall returns in about 3 months is about 40%. Pretty good for 3 months I would say. It was way better before but because of the new funds that I have injected, the return was significantly reduced. Let’s hope it gets better in 2018.

It seems like I was too slow in this decision and the bulk of my fresh funds are joining the crowd jumping on the bandwagon now sending the prices of many coins to crazy valuation (cough… ripple… cough…). The bulk of the people coming in have also caused exchanges like Coinhako and Binance to temporarily stop new registration. Fortunately I have my account registered and approved way earlier.

Because of the influx of people into the crypto world, it is getting increasing difficult to find multi-bagger coins in the market. Hence I am focusing on ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) to look for coins with potential, buy them at ICO prices and hopefully get higher returns. Of course along with it comes huge risk. The companies doing ICOs are tech startup trying to raise funds and most of them will fail!! What we can do is to do due diligence to reduce that risk.

2 coins where I will be putting my money on in January 2018 are Beetoken and Experty.

Bee token is essentially decentralized Airbnb with 0% commission. 0% sounds nice already but what I really liked about Bee token is the Bee protocol. It is a sharing economy protocol that they are building where other sharing economy can build on top of. I believe in sharing economy and it would be huge if the Bee protocol gets adopted by the industry.

Experty is a protocol that decentralized the “expert network” business and cut off the middleman. See below video for a quick ICO review.

Note that I am sharing this based on my personal opinion and does not constitute any investment advice. DYODD if you are keen and please do read their whitepaper before putting any money on the ICOs. Again only invest what you can lose and happy Cryptoing!

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